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Jade Mink

Wealth Mink

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Jade Mink-Wealth Mink

Name: Hetian Jade Mink

Material: Hetian sheep fat white jade

Size: 67.5mm*40mm*29.5mm

One piece at a time, free of postage

Jade ferrets are rich and conservative

Suitable place:

personal wear, gifts

Product features:
Excellent jadeware hand handle, clean and delicate material, hand-carved top-grade
Purchase instructions:

      The process of purchasing products: after seeing the payment through WeChat, Alipay payment and online banking payment, two days after receipt of the payment, the overseas countries post the mail.

Product cost: $600 or £600
Scan the following Wechat Consulting Purchase


Jade Mink-Wealth Mink- Relevant Introduction of Products

          The Pinyin of ferret is a kind of ferocious beast in ancient Chinese records and folk myths and legends. Ancient Chinese geomantic scholars believed that the ferret was an auspicious beast to turn disaster into good luck. From ancient times till now, the emperors and the people have paid great attention to collecting and wearing ferrets. Legend has it that ferrets not only have the functions of opening up and eliminating evil spirits, but also have the functions of town house, turning over the age of too old and promoting marriage. Chinese tradition has the custom of decorating "ferret", ferret has rich implications, people believe that it can bring joy and good luck. In ancient times, people often use ferret as the name of the army. Hetian jade ferret is the best quality of all ferrets, and also the most lucrative ferret. So the jade ferret is not only popular among Chinese, but also liked by overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese. Jade ferret is one of the cultural origins of China for thousands of years.

Jade Mink-Wealth Mink- Product Details Picture

Jade Mink

Jade Mink

Jade Mink


Jade Mink

Jade Mink

Jade Mink


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