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Jasper Bracelet
Chinese Jade Bracelet

Jasper Bracelet|Hetian Jade Bracelet-Product Details

Name: Hetian Jasper Suit

Material: Natural Hetian Jasper

Size: 52.8mm*53mm*5.2mm

One pick-up, overseas parcel post
WeChat payment, Alipay payment, Internet banking payment.

Suitable place:

personal wear, gifts

Product features:
Ice-base old material, fine jade, warm feel, bright and moving color. Full body feel!
Purchase instructions:
After payment by customers, our company will send express delivery within two days of payment. Overseas areas generally receive 5-10 days according to the time of near and far delivery.
product price:4000 US dollars
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Jasper Bracelet|Hetian Jade Bracelet Relevant Introduction of Products

         Hotan Jade is the national jade of China. Hotan Jade has been a jade ornament enjoyed by Chinese dignitaries since ancient times. The medals of 2008 Olympic Games are made of Hotan Jade. This Hetian Jade bracelet is made of genuine Xinjiang Hetian Jade material and finely polished. After wearing this product, the temperament of women has been greatly improved. This product also has good health care, health care and skin care functions.

        Bracelet Knowledge Guide: Jade bracelets have three functions: one is to show identity and highlight personality; the other is to beautify the arm and improve temperament; the third is to protect the body and skin. Wearing Hetian Jade bracelet is indeed a preferred ornament that can show identity and decorative appearance, and also a good product for keeping face and God's blessing. Hetian Jasper bracelet is fashionable and healthy, with incredible health preservation function, the more easy it is to wear, the healthier it will be.

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