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Hetian Jade Bracelet

Chinese Jade Bracelet

Hetian Jade Bracelet Product Details

Name: Hetian Jasper Suit

Material: Natural Hetian Jasper

Size: 58.5mm*16.5mm

One pick-up, overseas parcel post
Jasper old material with white and green, exquisite and moist texture

Suitable place:

personal wear, gifts

Product features:
Jasper old material white plus green, texture delicate and moist, color even green, bring gifts
Purchase instructions:
After payment by customers, our company will send express delivery within two days of payment. Overseas areas generally receive 5-10 days according to the time of near and far delivery.
product price:1000 US dollars
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Hetian Jade Bracelet Relevant Introduction of Products

          Hetian Jade is one of the four famous Jades in China. Compared with nephrite from other regions at home and abroad, the color of Hetian Jade is more colorful and has its own series; secondly, Hetian Jade has the world's rare white jade, especially the white jade with the color of lamb fat, which is unique to Hetian Jade and extremely precious; thirdly, Hetian Jade is more precious. Many of the world's jade are leather-colored, but not as beautiful as Hotan jade.

         Among Hetian jade, white and Jasper are the most precious. The best of white jade is white Jasper with lamb fat, which is the top grade of jade, and Jasper with monthly impurities is the commodity of jasper. Hetian Jasper is green to dark green nephrite, sometimes black spots can be seen, its green has parrot green, pine green, white fruit green and so on. As far as the status of Hetian Jade in the world's ancient jades is concerned, those who are transparent and lustrous like spinach are the top grade, while those with gray in green are the second grade, but they are by no means "jasper" or "jasper" in quartz jades.

           Hetian Jasper is very popular with all kinds of beauty lovers because of its green color. Hetian Jasper also has a high collection value.

Hetian Jade Bracelet Product Details Picture


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