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jade pendant

Hetian sheep fat white jade

Hetian sheep fat white jade jewelry

Name: Hetian sheep fat white jade

Material: Hetian sheep fat white jade

Size: 54mm*39mm*17

One piece at a time, free of postage

Xinjiang hetian jade material, fine workmanship, special qiao carving

Suitable place:

personal wear, gifts

Product features:
Xinjiang hetian jade pendant pendant, this product white contains red sugar color, suitable for wearing and gifts, hetian jade has natural health care role.
Purchase instructions:

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Product cost: $1500 or £1500
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jade pendant,Hetian sheep fat white jade- Relevant Introduction of Products

        Yangzhi jade is the gem material in hetian jade, is the best white jade in pure color, with the best luster and texture, performance: warm and firm, clear and pure, pure white, as condensed fat, so the name. Since ancient times, people attach great importance to the sheep fat jade, jade is the best, very precious. It is not only a symbol of "benevolence, justice, wisdom, courage, clean" gentleman character, and a symbol of "good, noble, auspicious, gentle, tranquil" secular feelings. In ancient times, emperors, generals and ministers were qualified to wear fine white jade.

      Hetian yangzhi white jade white color, fine texture, dense structure, strong but not brittle. Wearing jade can not only play a decorative role but also achieve the fitness effect, as well as "good luck, longevity, peace and good luck" meaning.

jade pendant,Hetian sheep fat white jade- Product Details Picture



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